Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fazoli's Restaurant: Real Italian, Real Fast

Real Italian. Real Fast.

Fazoli's Italian Restaurant in Eastwood said it boldly and right. In fact I can say that this can be the fastest Italian meal I have eaten in my entire life. I just can't stop munching.

Look here.

I got Puttanesca. It's the friendly waitresses' top of the mind when I asked her what's the bestseller. And yeah, I also finished the plate that fast.

Gian PisueƱa of The Flip Guide got Italian Chicken with Pesto. Yay! This one is definitely a must-try. I thought I heard the next table talking about Fazoli's Italian Chicken as we sat.

And indeed for a good reason.

Actually there are two pieces of chicken served. You know very well where the other one went straight to. Hahaha.


Also enjoy unlimited servings of garlic bread and drinks (PhP 50 per glass) at Fazoli's. Nice deal, right?

Enjoy delicious Pasta Meals from PhP 65 - PhP 95 and Chicken Meals from PhP 125 - PhP 165. Pizzas are also being served. I recommend Fazoli's for real pasta eaters who want it fast a la The Italian Job.

Bon appetit!

Chase Fazoli's at Eastwood! You may also call them at 421-0416 or 421-0453 for deliveries within Eastwood City only.

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