Friday, December 17, 2010

Lan Zhou La Mian's Authentic Chinese Beef Noodles

Let's crave for some Chinese food today.

Having accepted as a scholar to study in China for five months, I had been very fortunate. Not only because it has been a dream to study Mandarin Chinese and see the Great Wall of China, but also because my taste buds has an ongoing love affair for Chinese food.

Growing up in Manila, I had always been appreciative of the Chinese dishes I have eaten from various Chinese restaurants all over the city. Lucky me. I live near Binondo.

Some of the best Chinese restaurants are found in Manila Chinatown.

Have you heard of Lan Zhou La Mian in Benavidez St.?

Look here.

I first heard of this authentic Chinese restaurant from my Filipino-Chinese teacher who teaches at Confucius Institute at the Ateneo de Manila University. Since then, this place had been my favorite stop whenever I get the chance to go to Binondo. Their beef noodles are made from heaven. It's the bestseller. Affordable too. For almost a hundred bucks only, I think.

They offer unlimited condiments here. I particularly love the sweet plum sauce where I dip my favorite fried dumplings.OMG! I'm craving now while I'm writing this.

Here are the fried dumplings.Wow.

In my entire stay in China, I have developed a taste of what's authentic and what's trying hard. I can say that Lan Zhou La Mian's fried dumplings are even better than the ones I've eaten near Fudan University in Shanghai. And it's just a hundred bucks, I think, for a dozen of dumplings. Very affordable!

Enjoy the Northern China style of cooking noodles only in Lan Zhou La Mian at No. 819 Benavidez St., Binondo, Manila.



  1. i love handpulled noodles :) my fave is from Mey Lin!! i wanna try this but its kinda far huh.. hahaha.

  2. Chinatown is worth the travel. Hahaha. Hope you can visit it one day. And when you get hungry, you know where to get your hand-pulled noodles. Hahaha. Wow. Where's Mey Lin? :) Wanna try that!

  3. Ey madey! How r u? I didnt know u live near binondo.. Haha if i knew it earlier, we shud have enjoyed the beef noodles together!! Haha as i also live exactly in binondo! Dey also have another branch along san fernando st. Also in binondo;)