Friday, December 10, 2010

Kusinerong Pinoy's Awesome Beef Kaldereta

It's almost been a week since I started working in Makati! I have eaten in the Jolly Jeeps, La Grotta, Shakey's and other know-to-many restaurants near our office but so far, this lutong-bahay eating place is the stand out among everything else on my list.

Kusinerong Pinoy!

Look here.

Beef Kaldereta PhP60

I ate Kaldereta. And it was on of the best Kaldereta I have ever eaten. Aside from Countryside's Kaldereta in Katipunan, which is also a favorite. Definitely a must try.

One of the friendly waiters told me that this Kaldereta is lutong-Batangas since the Ramirez family who owns the restaurant hails from Lobo in Batangas.

I recall that my relatives in Talisay, Batangas love to cook Kaldereta during gatherings and feasts. Never did I know that Batangueños are indeed fond of cooking Kaldereta.

Look here too.

Bulalo (Good for 2) PhP130

Bulalo for lunch? Why not!

Another Batangas specialty. I know this from the start since numerous Rose & Grace Bulalo Restaurants are erected all over Batangas Province. I see them during my trips to the south.

Yummy. While Bulalo is a rich source of calcium, one must eat with moderation. It can be very addictive but also too oily and not cholesterol-free.

More choices from Kusinerong Pinoy. Look here.

They also serve Beef Mechado  as one of the bestsellers. Their dishes' prices range from PhP 55 - PhP 60. Bulalo, good for two, is PhP 130. Loyal customers include Makati professionals who are craving for lutong-bahay treats.

Kusinerong Pinoy serves as appetizer a small bowl of tasty egg soup for free. Don't miss this one!

Kusinerong Pinoy is located at Dao cor. Kamagong St., San Antonio Village, Makati. You may reach them at 896-4298.

Dig in!


  1. this used to be our fave lunch place in makati! really, their kaldereta is one of the best. never missed ordering it everytime we dine in kusinerong pinoy...note of their cheap prices as well...


    Hi Cecille! Gian and I ate there twice na. He likes Caldereta very much. :)