Wednesday, December 22, 2010

UST's Paskuhan 2010

December 17, 2010. EspaƱa, Manila.

That night, all lights shone for the University of Santo Tomas.


The Main Building looked wonderful.


And many Thomasians are in to celebrate a very special day. Not only to mark the start of a very long vacation. And less stress for the coming days!

It was the night of the Paskuhan 2010 celebration!

Paskuhan is an annual celebration in the University of Santo Tomas in Manila held every December before the start of the long Christmas break.

That night many lights are being lit (including fireworks) and many Thomasians gather together for the celebration. Everywhere is loud and crowded and happy and the air is cool. Christmas is near!

The Beato Angelico Bldg. looked incredible that night.

There are many live performances from the many talented Thomasian artists. Sarah G. is in the house yeoh!

It's incredible how the energy and attention of the loud and unruly crowd got focused on her when she stood up the stage. It's like everybody suddenly paused and faced the stage's direction.

I don't normally like crowded places and I hate falling in line to get food or tickets or anything like that but I always do my best to be in Paskuhan. There are many food stalls selling snacks, drinks and cute items such as this.

And the new Thomasian Planner! OMG.

This fourth year highschool genius is part of the creative team behind the planner.

Kudos! Hildebrand Demetrio and to your teammates.

Aside from Hilder, I'd like to thank and acknowledge Ms. Lynn Gutierrez for being the "brains" behind the concept of the Thomasian Planner. Also, special thanks to Pierre Kayser Go and to Christine Casuncad for completing the whole creative team. Kudos, guys!

Inviting everyone to get a copy of their own Thomasian Planner! Very afforable. For only PhP 750. To order you may visit the Office for Student Affairs at 2/F UST Tan Yan Kee Bldg. and look for Ms. Jo Almeda. You may also call them at 731-2985 or 0906-3073775. They also have a website! Click here.

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