Monday, December 27, 2010

Lonely Planet Travel Mosaic

Early this year just before I went to China for a short-term study program, I became one of the lucky entry-senders who joined the Lonely Planet Travel Mosaic.

And not only one, nor two, nor four, nor six. Not even seven! 

I got eight!

Eight lucky photos to get into the mosaic! Oh, happiness. (Not to mention that six of these travels were FREE. Yes. I love my last job.) The mosaic's interactive globe is awesome and therapeutic. You can actually type the keyword of the place you wish to see or go to, and then the globe will start rotating and will show you related pictures sent by the other entry-senders! Cool eh?

Click the picture below to bring you back to my past adventures documented by none other than one of the most trusted travel guides in the world, Lonely Planet.


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