Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kopi Bun: My Aromatic Asian Coffee Experience in a Bun

Look here.

Looks like an ordinary bun right? Not until you take a bite.

Kopi Bun PhP40

On the first bite, you'll smell the intoxicating aroma of Asian coffee flavor. The bun has a crunchy texture outside. The inside is soft.

Uhm. Take another bite.

You'll experience the melting butter slide down from the core of the bun to your mouth. What an experience!

The contrasting of textures. The flavorful taste of coffee on the outside. The butter. The whole Kopi Bun experience! You won't stop biting.

That's Gian of The Flip Guide by the way.

Kopi Bun! At Kopi Roti only of course.

Have your own Kopi Bun experience at Kopi Roti in Katipunan Ave. You may call them at 439-1546. And visit their website too! Click here.

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